Private Payment Methods Accepted:

~ Cash (Please bring exact amount. Change is not kept on site.)
~ Visa **
~ Mastercard **
~ American Express
~ Most Health Savings (HSA) cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo.

Insurances We Accept:




Insurance/EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

New clients need to know a few things before beginning counseling. Paperwork and telephone calls are a part of the preparation. The client must call their insurance company prior to the first appointment.   Please verify that we are apart of your EAP Network Providers Panel before scheduling with us. It is suggested that you call before scheduling online to assure that we are currently accepting  EAP members at the time of your referral.  A waiting list may be in place.

Note: Insurance Companies and Employee Assistance Programs are requiring that authorizations be obtained before seeing a counselor. Otherwise, the insurance company or EAP are refusing to pay.  Which means that you are financially responsible for the session. 

Please view ICC's Fee Schedule for private pay.


Uninsured Rates and Packages:

~Initial Assessment -$150.00 (standard fee your first visit) 60-80min

~Individual Adult Therapy -$100(60min)

~Marital and Couples Therapy - $150.00(60min) 175.00 (120 min)

~Family Therapy (interventions) - $175.00 (90min) 225.00 (120 minutes)

~Adolescent Therapy (17 & under) –$75.00 (45min) $65.00 (30min)